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Taboos and Issues

Materiał do kopiowania B1 - B2

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Levels B1 - B2

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Contains 40 two-page units of discussion, reading, and role play material.

The lessons are designed as stimulating two-page spreads which teachers can dip into from time to time.

This book is an antidote to the bland discussion materials in most general coursebooks. Topics include: death, swearing, gay rights, animal rights, sex, personal hygiene, racism, nudity, etc.


1. Death 
2. Nudity 
3. Politically Incorrect Jokes 
4. Taboo Conversation Topics 
5. It Should Be Banned! 
6. Not My Type 
7. Sex for Sale 
8. Swearing 
9. Torture 
10. Sexual Harassment 
11. Bribery and Corruption 
12. Designer Babies 
13. Children Who Kill 
14. Gays and Jobs 
15. Animal Rights 
16. Marriage - For Better or For Worse 
17. Nobody Needs a Gun 
18. The Sale of Human Organs 
19. AIDS 
20. Telling Lies 
21. Abortion 
22. National Stereotypes 
23. Cheating On Your Partner 
24. Are You Happy With Your Body? 
25. Immigration and Racism 
26. Changing Sex 
27. Is This News? 
28. The Right To Die 
29. Old Enough To Be Her Grandfather! 
30. Big Brother Is Watching 
31. Anxiety and Depression 
32. Gay Families 
33. Begging 
34. Compensation Culture 
35. Sport and Money 
36. Vanity 
37. Legalizing Drugs 
38. Turning The Other Cheek 
39. The Death Penalty 
40. Addictions

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Tytuł Taboos and Issues
Wydawca National Geographic Learning
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